10 Advanced Halo Infinite Tactics to Up Your Game

You keep getting killed in Halo Infinite even after my beginner’s guide? Here’s some more advanced tips to keep you from getting fragged and frayed.

Flag Juggling

Walking with the flag keeps you off the radar hiding your location from the enemy for sneaky flag caps. But if time is a factor, you want to get a flag capture by running. The quickest way to run is to flag juggle. While running the flag, hit jump and hit the ‘switch weapons’ button to “throw” the flag forward. Then, while still sprinting forward hit the grab flag button again and then repeat. This cycle of running and throwing is called flag juggling.


This goes without saying, but predicting where an enemy will be gives you a significant tactical advantage. From wall corner to wall corner you want to keep your reticle ready and prepped around shoulder height in case an enemy wanders into your line of sight. Don’t walk around aimlessly pointing at nothing. Have purpose. A one shot advantage is all you’ll need to take them down.

Crouch Jumping

Getting to higher ground for map control or making a quick getaway is very important in Halo. Clambering is a great way to get to higher points you can’t otherwise get to with a normal jump. But with lower obstacles or ledges it’s better to crouch jump onto them for 3 reasons:

1) It’s quicker.

2) You’re not locked into the clamber animation to be shot at.


3) You can fire your weapon while doing it. It’s very easy to do, just hit crouch at the height of your jump. This brings your legs close to your body allowing you to clear the jump.


First off, always play the objective in Halo. That’s rule No. 1. You can still lose the game even though you got the most squad kills. Remember, Oddball holders aren’t completely defenseless. The oddball is the quickest melee kill in Infinite. So be sneaky around corners and get right into an enemy’s grill to bash their teeth in.

Slide Jumps and Super Sliding

Slide jumping is an advanced movement technique that makes you a harder target when getting away and makes your movement unpredictable. Just sprint, slide, and jump to vary your movement and hitbox for the enemy. This can easily frustrate the enemy team and get them out of position.

Super sliding is a more advanced variant of Slide Jumping. To engage a super slide: hit the crouch button while sprinting at the top of a ramp (or ledge) to gain momentum, then hit jump to slide quickly across the map. The timing is difficult but it’s a great maneuver to get yourself into better position.

Just don’t use it to get into a room full of the enemy team faster.

Throwing Power Seeds

The best tactic in Stock Pile is to have a bunch Spartans throw the power seeds to each other…like a line of army ants bringing food back to the base. Use the flag juggling method if your teammates aren’t as cooperative. Or if you got a repulsor, force push a bunch of power cells towards your base’s direction.

Killing the Driver

When getting into a Warthog of Razorback, you may accidentally get into the wrong seat or want to switch to the gunner seat or driver’s seat. Press the “jump” button to switch seats inside the vehicle while not having to jump out. If you grapple into the gunner position, you can kill the enemy driver by switching to the passenger seat and meleeing them.

Got a pesky Wasp deleting your team? A shock rifle can EMP it in two shots. Disruptors take 6 shots. A Hydra takes 6 mini-missiles to destroy it and the Skewer only needs one solid hit.

Better Rockets

Rockets have huge splash back damage and if you kill yourself often in close quarters when using rockets, you’re probably aiming wrong. Try aiming the Rockets on the floor or wall behind the enemy, not directly at their feet in front of you.

Abandon Ship!

Halo Infinite‘s new vehicular damage model tells you exactly when it will implode. You will hear an audible beeping alarm coming and the vehicle glow bright red.

This is your cue to bail out.

Throw Grenades Into the Man-Cannons

On maps that have man cannons with entrenched enemies on the other end: the best way to smoke them out is to send a couple of grenades in the man-cannon out first to do some damage and create a landing spot for yourself.

When you land? You can get some easy clean up kills.

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