How to Not Die in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Whether you’ve played Halo a millennia ago or are new to the franchise, I’m sure that once you enter a PvP match you might feel intimidated and outgunned compared to gamers who played both Multiplayer Tech Previews this past Summer. But no worries! That’s what this guide is for.

Be Aggresive

The mainstream style and pace of multiplayer arena shooters has changed over the years, so learning the mechanics of Halo can be tough as you might have to unlearn some habits you’ve picked up from some other shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, OverWatch, Fortnite, PUBG, etc.

The longer TTK (time-to-kill) in Halo means sustaining bullet accuracy over a longer period of time compared to other games. Fair starts means having to fight for map control and power ups. Halo even punishes campers for hiding. These long tested strategies will no longer work in Infinite as Halo is best played with a balance of aggressive skill and a survivalist mentality. Look for the hunt and constantly challenge your enemy.

The Holy Trinity of Destruction

Halo’s combat isn’t just gun dependent, it’s more up-close and personal with melee attacks and more nuanced with well-placed grenades. A well-trained Spartan uses all 3 in harmony to create the perfect kill and bank rolls them into multi-kills.

Remember, the main gameplay loop is to strip a Spartan’s shields and the first to get a headshot wins. Reversals in Halo are rare but only happen if you face a seasoned veteran. The point is: a Spartan is the deadliest soldier on the battlefield and Halo Infinite gives you all the tools you need to be efficient at it.

Wolf Pack Mentality

Unless you’re playing Slayer, Halo is a team sport. The damage output from two Spartans always beats one – well, unless the “one” has a rocket launcher. Try to stay around your teammates but consider spacing, as well.

Remember, 2 melee hits is a kill. One melee to the back is an instant kill, even against an enemy with an Overshield.

Scavenger Perks

Halo‘s maps and gameplay design was meant for scavenging the battlefield. Walking over a downed soldier’s body usually replenishes your default gun ammo and grenades; power ups and power weapons are also ripe for poaching. Pay attention to when these items spawn on the map and control them by playing keep-away with these items. They aren’t free kills, but they give your team a significant advantage.

Graduate the Academy

Actually go through the Academy Tutorial Mode! There is some really cool world-building lore and achievements behind this mode. As well as learning the basic mechanics of the game.

There’s Weapon Drills where you can practice weapons out on the firing range and warm up your aiming. Learn which guns are hit-scan and which are projectile based. With projectile-based guns, you need to lead your shots to account for bullet travel time. The Training Mode simulates a match to practice both your movement skills and gunplay against bots.

Map Knowledge is Key

Go create a Custom Game by yourself with the Map you want to learn. You’ll be able to get a feel for the size of the map, the verticality, where the weapon, vehicle, and enemy spawns are, and most importantly: where the objectives of the gametype are located. Look closely for any small hidey-holes or secret passages for quick getaways as there are a few in the Infinite maps. Test out jumps to get to higher ground and clamber points.

BONUS: Halo Infinite doesn’t have fall damage, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Map design has always been intimately tied to Halo‘s gameplay and it’s no different here.

The Radar

The radar functions similar to many other FPSs. Enemies are displayed when moving and firing their weapon, but you can cloak yourself on radar by crouch-walking around. It’s slow, but it can help you get the drop on someone. Couple this movement with Active Camo and the Energy Sword and the enemy team will never know what hit them.

Stay Alive

With some luck, if you’re being outgunned in a fight, your shields should buy you enough time to run away or get help from a teammate. It’s okay to disengage and live to fight another day. Halo‘s emphasis on map knowledge is key to running away because the base running and sprint speeds are slow. Positioning here is of utmost importance.

Bunny hop, slide, vary your strafing and movement around corners and even tuck your head by looking down to constantly add to your personal TTK. Don’t make it easy for them to get that headshot. If all is doomed, always throw a grenade at your feet right before dying. You might get a “From the Grave” kill.

Game Tape

Go to the Community tab and there you’ll find the Theater mode. You can view old matches you’ve played and analyze how a team beat you or how a Spartan outgunned you. You can also relive your awesome Halo moments and record them from here.

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