Psst. Hit This Destiny 2: Beyond Light Loot Cave Before Bungie Patches It

I just so happened to go up about 20 light levels — 1083 to 1103 — in about 90 minutes that finally got me over the light level threshold to beat that darn “Warrior” Empire Hunt mission in the new Destiny 2 expansion: Beyond Light.

Upon hearing tell of such loot cave exploits I, myself, decided to pop in my AirPods, crack open a Truly Black Label (that of the lemonade variety), tuned into the latest podcast on who won the election — the orange-faced man believes it’s a toss-up, apparently — and went to werk.

Note: Make sure to grab some easy “Kill X Amount, This Way” bounties to level up your rank, as well. The Gunsmith bounties are one example.

Much like the original loot cave in the original Destiny, this one is also in the returning Cosmodrome map, but less challenging (read: also less rewarding). You simply stand outside of it, shoot in, eliminate enemies, wait for their quick respawn as you reload. Rinse and repeat. Don’t even need to head outside at “safe distance” to allow enemies to repopulate the world.

A random passerby, also hitting the loot cave, was nice enough to booby-trap the place in such a fashion that quickly disposed of the enemies as they spawned in:

It’s a far cry from the original loot cave in the Cosmodrome that rewarded you immensely, but if you’re so inclined to try the latest Skinner Box, give it a go. WiLLiSGaming took the time to guide us to the cavernous promised land below:

Sure, the way Bungie has been doing things since Destiny 2 dropped mostly encourages players to do things “their own way” and you’ll ramp up gradually anyway doing the things you like to do — whether that’s via Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, Raids, etc.

And that’s still the preferred method, really, as this 2020 Loot Cave ™ doesn’t really appear to drop any exotics — during my 90 minute attempt — but, hey, I kept dying trying to beat a mission I was dangerously under-leveled to take on solo. I’ve since beat it and I can move on now.

No exotics (yellow), just the occasional rare (blue) and legendary (purple) engrams to meet those early-level requirements just out of reach.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s mostly to get you over the hump and moving on to more rewarding — and more engaging — activities. We know how quickly Bungie gets to fixing “inconsistencies” like these, so you better get to it if you’d like to partake.

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