Uncharted 5 Somewhat Teased, Hi-Fi Rush, GoldenEye 007 Shadow Drop (Podcast)

On this week’s edition of Salient Points: is PlayStation teasing Uncharted 5 in their latest ad? Sure seems like they’re dipping back into the universe of Nathan Drake with Cassie proving to be a chip off the ol’ block.

Deo, Luis, and I talk about that, Hi-Fi Rush shadow dropping at Microsoft’s Developer Direct, release dates for Redfall, Minecraft Legends, quickly debunked ETAs for the next Forza, Dead Space remake sales being half of The Callisto Protocol, and more.

Games featured: Metroid Prime 4, The Last of Us Part I, Halo Infinite, NBA All-World, Somerville, Forspoken, Splatoon 2, Destiny 2.

Remember to stick around “after the credits” for our discussion of the third episode HBO’s The Last of Us!

Published by Carlos Macias

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