The Quarry Review+: Solo First, Friends Later

Publisher: 2K Games | Developer: Supermassive Games | Platforms: PS5 (Reviewed), PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S

“A. Hundred. Eighty. Four. Endings.” [Dalan, Salient Points 79]

Supermassive Games are very much masters at the elevated B-movie slasher genre (think “Scream”) in video game form…and The Quarry doesn’t disappoint. Par for the course is snappy dialogue, hilarious quips with just the right amount of cheese, and appropriate transitions that bookend chapters to give you a great story arc reminiscent of a good season of TV. And while the overall story isn’t as good as Until Dawn and — at times — too convoluted, The Quarry more than makes up for that with all the intricate choose-your-own-adventure mechanics, efficient quick-time events, and state-of-the-art motion captured animations — where female characters show a higher level of polish than their male counterparts, oddly enough. Just make sure to play it solo first to fully enjoy the immersive experience before dipping into multiplayer with friends online and risk completely mucking up the whole experience with miscommunication and bad voting decisions. You’ll quickly find out how you guys would fare in a high-stakes creature feature where everyone has a say and majority rules. It won’t be pretty, and you’ll most likely get everyone killed…but hilarity is almost guaranteed to ensue.

“We killed A LOT of people in our playthrough.” [Carlos, Salient Points 79]

Score: 9.0/10 – Buy Now

[Editor’s Note: Upon further reflection and a full single-player replay…this game is lit LIT. 9.0, baby! Not the 8.0 I originally bestowed upon it in the video review. Completely agree with Luis’s thoughts on the order to play the game. Turns out playing it via Wolf Pack mode first is NOT the way to go…]

Dalan‘s Take (as transcribed from Salient Points 79):

“I did actually start playing the single-player and immediately, off the bat, I was having significantly more fun as I was moving the character and being the arbiter of my own destiny […] It’s a beautiful game and the story is very well-made and you get plenty of decisions that you get to make with the exception that every so often you get these weird cuts in between scenes where you’re like: “I’m waiting for this to load” and you see it just drop whatever the heck it was doing and then go to the next scene but you’re in the same place, but as for doing it multiplayer? Mm-mmm. That was a good 5 or 6. It really drops the score for you. […] Multiplayer is fun to yell at your friends with, single-player is just fun to play the game.”

8.0/10 – Excellent

Luis‘s Take (as transcribed from Salient Points 79):

“I think I made the right decision in playing the game first, before we played it together. […] I saw a lot of things that you missed. Not even just in the environment. But I saw in the decisions and stuff that I was making…or pieces of dialogue or choosing to pick things up or leave them. Seeing the effect that they cause in my playthrough and then putting them with what we were doing. “Oh, ok…I see, so maybe I don’t need to do that” or maybe “I need to try that next time.” I haven’t actually looked up any guides or anything to see how to keep everyone alive, get all the endings, whatever. I kind of want to play it maybe once or two more times to just see what happens when I make random decisions. It’s better than an 8. Just because, really, seeing the ending that I got was drastically different than the one we got when we were playing together, so…just seeing that and how many characters and where they could all wind up and what happens to them. And things can happen at different points in the story. […] Now I gotta kill everybody.”

8.5/10 – Excellent

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