Call of Duty Exclusivity Not Profitable, Microsoft Gives PS+ Advice (Podcast)

On this week’s edition of Salient Points: Microsoft makes the peculiar case that Call of Duty is not “essential” and gives some unsolicited advice to Sony about their PlayStation Plus lackluster offerings.

Dalan, Luis, and I talk about that, Fortnite and “Dragon Ball Z” crossing the streams, Marvel vs Capcom 2 coming back in arcade form, new details regarding P.T.‘s removal from the PlayStation Store, Splatoon 3 updates, Sonic Frontier‘s development woes, Tekken 8 may or may not have been teased, and more.

Games featured: NFL Blitz, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Ghost of Tsushima, Hogwarts Legacy, The Quarry, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Killzone Mercenary, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, GTA IV, The Lost and Damned, Saint’s Row IV, Payday 2, Stray.

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