Stray Review+: Drive-A-Cat The Game

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive | Developer: BlueTwelve Studio | Platforms: PS4, PS5 (Reviewed) PC

“Cat fancy for $26.” [Carlos, Salient Points 76]

For those of you waiting on the closest thing to a killer app for PlayStation Plus Extra, Stray might just be the game that pushes you over the edge. I invested in Sony’s wacky pro-rated system to move up to the maximum tier for the ability to drive a cat. The most goal-oriented cat I’ve ever known, at that. It’s everything I hope for in a single-player game of its ilk: silky smooth controls in a beautifully dense environment that respects your time. (Stray sits pretty at a 5-6 hour run time.) And, being the achievement hunter that I am, trophies are all within reach and add replayability to this quaint, feline adventure. One drawback for me is that, for as great as the atmosphere in Stray is, it’s saddled with a relatively pedestrian post-apocalyptic tale that doesn’t necessarily challenge you to think deep.

“You have a dedicated ‘meow’ button that’s…pretty great.”

8.5/10 – Excellent

Quotes from our Stray review discussion:

“It’s a highly-detailed […] big puzzle game. If you can pay 26 bucks to get Extra and still be able to play Stray, I’d do that.” [Dalan, Salient Points 76]

On waiting for the Stray physical release: “Something you kind of want to see physically sitting on your bookshelf next to your collection.” [Luis, Salient Points 76]

“Some of the stuff that they add to it […] it loses it’s innocense in a way.”

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