Podcast: Gran Turismo 7 Goes Dark, Microtransaction Fails, New Witcher Update

On this week’s edition of Salient Points: Gran Turismo 7 goes down for a grand total of 30 hours and locks gamers out of significant portions of the game.

Dalan, Deo, and I talk about that, GT7‘s microtransaction woes, the new Witcher to make use of the Unreal Engine, SEGA’s iconic arcades no more, Hogwarts Legacy looks good, Bungie get copyright takedowns themselves, and more.

Games featured: Tunic, BioShock, Prince of Persia, Metroid Dread, Destiny 2, Moss Book 2, Elden Ring, Tekken, A Plague Tale, Horizon Zero Dawn, Castle Crashers, Windjammers 2.

Published by Carlos Macias

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