Podcast: We Got Comms’ 2021 Game(s) of the Year, PS VR2, GoldenEye 007 Returns

This is it. The official, definitive — and final — We Got Comms’ 2021 Game of the Year ™ has been decided. Or at least what Deo describes as 2021’s best game “on average.”

In this special Salient Points episode: Dalan, Deo, and I break down our personal Top 5 games of 2021 and do some quick Math-On-Air to determine the points-weighted game of the year. The results…may surprise you.

We also talk about our most anticipated games of 2022, new details about PlayStation VR2, Days Gone vs Ghost of Tsushima, GoldenEye 007 re-release, and more.

Published by Carlos Macias

We Got Comms DOT Com

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