Podcast: 2021 Wacky Awards, Botched Releases, Biggest Surprise And More

Yeah, we completely made up some awards for this edition of Salient Points.

Dalan, Luis, Deo, and I will take time to play and mentally marinate on some more games before we hand out our official “We Got Comms Game of the Year” in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, we came up with some non-traditional awards to tide you guys over ’til then.

The inaugural “Wacky Awards” give nods — and shame — to Video Games of 2021. Tune in to find out what games we bestowed with some of the following “accolades”:

  • “20XX Game of 2021.”
  • “Why Aren’t This Game’s Graphics Better?”
  • “Most Friction-Less Game”
  • “Game I’m Willing to Forgive”
  • “Fastest Abandonment”
  • “Page Turner”

And so many moreā€¦

Published by Carlos Macias

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