9 Tips When Starting Out in Forza Horizon 5

If you’re new to the franchise, Forza Horizon games are historically massive with a multitude of things to do. Within 30 minutes of playing the main campaign, the overworld map will easily fill up with a multitude of objectives that would make a Ubisoft game blush. To help you get started, I’ve made this quick guide to save you a bit of time and credits while still enjoying the Forza Horizon 5 experience.

  1. Invest in Real Estate

Save your credits for houses. Houses offer permanent perks to the player once purchasing the site. They are pricey but can save you heaps of time and money to help you complete the game. House Buenas Vistas, for instance, will allow you to fast travel to any road on the map.

2. Save That Dough

DO NOT buy expensive cars early on. Through “wheelspins,” the game constantly rewards you with cash and cars that are normally out of your price range. Don’t worry about possibly needing an expensive car to compete. Your goal is to get Wheelspins as often as possible.

3. Challenge Yourself

Forza encourages challenging yourself by adding XP and Credit reward multipliers tied to adjustable difficulty sliders. You can easily earn 20% or 60% more money with each race and over time all this really adds up.

4. Level Up Your Whip

You constantly earn skill points doing anything in the game, so make sure to use that currency to level up your favorite cars. Each car has additional unlockable perks that you can stack with the permanent perks to further earn Cash and XP. There are also some bonus wheelspins tied to cars too.

5. Gotta Catch ’Em All

Take a photo of the racing grid before each race. There are accolades tied to every photographed car. Accolades are basically the ranking system within the game. Doing this early on will save you a ton of time having to replay races just to get photos of cars you’ll never be able to buy.

6. The Forza Multiverse

If you’ve played previous Forza games — including the Motorsport series — you might be entitled to cash and cars. You can claim these rewards through the “Forza Hub” app or ForzaMotorsport.net.

7. Use the Right Tool for the Job

Tune your cars for the race type! You can go to any Horizon Festival site or your own house to tune your vehicle or find tunes that other users have made. For example: Ferraris, while fast, are terrible at off-road rally cross games. Go for a Ford Bronco or equivalent instead.

8. Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

The servers are mess right now, but when you’re in a persistent online lobby you’ll see other players on your map. What’s neat is that you can interact with them. Use Forza link to say, Hi. You can Gift other players with cars too. Are you having a hard time figuring out how to get an XP board? You’ll usually see other players playing in the area trying to figure it out too, so collab.


Speaking of teamwork, “FORZA Arcade” is a co-op experience with really fun challenges and even better rewards. Race to one of these blimps in order to have a blast playing with other drivers.

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