Podcast: ‘New and Old Graphics’ Grand Theft Autos to Keep Our Minds Off GTA VI This Fall

On this week’s edition of Salient Points: Rockstar Games is reportedly working on giving us updated versions of PlayStation 2 era Grand Theft Autos (III, Vice City, San Andreas) this fall and we’re quite amused by this, to say the least.

Dalan, Luis, and I also break down some of the standouts from Nintendo’s Indie Showcase (i.e. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk), cross-play finally coming to Destiny 2, Back 4 Blood impressions, new details for Call of Duty Vanguard, Hideo Kojima fears a future without physical media, and more.

Games featured: Tetris Effect Connected, Loop Hero, Tales of Arise, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Halo CE Anniversary Edition, Psychonauts.

Published by Carlos Macias

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One thought on “Podcast: ‘New and Old Graphics’ Grand Theft Autos to Keep Our Minds Off GTA VI This Fall

  1. I want FH5 graphics for GTA 6 . Considering what they achieved for a game that was originally released on the PS3, it’s very much achievable. It just might be about 200GB though lol.
    I hope it’s not just the graphics that will be good. The combat should be much more detailed + the driving as well. Imagine combining Metal Gear Solid combat + Need for speed driving.


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