Podcast: Sony’s MLB The Show 21 and Kojima to Xbox, Fanboys Rage

Similar to when SEGA’s iconic blue blur, Sonic, jumped ship to a Nintendo console for the first time, one of Sony’s flagship exclusives — MLB The Show 21 — will be releasing on Xbox’s Game Pass service.

Free of charge. Day ONE.

Dalan, Luis, and I delve into that and plenty more on this week’s “Salient Points.” Kojima considers his Xbox options, Outriders has some launch week woes, lawmakers define loot boxes as gambling, FBI investigates Counter-Strike: GO match-fixing, E3 2021 plans confirmed, EA files for an “adaptive difficulty” patent, the science behind your controllers drifting, and more.

Games featured: Resident Evil: Village, Gears 5, Dragon Quest XI S, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4, Deathloop, 2D Prime, Hades, It Takes Two, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Resident Evil: Re:Verse, Pac-Man 99, Fantasian.

Published by Carlos Macias

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