Free FF7 Remake is Square Enix’s Clever Ploy to Get Fans to Pay for the PS5 Version

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be one of the free PS+ games in March and it’s an interesting gamble for Square Enix to get people to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version since the “free” edition won’t be eligible for the upgrade unless you pay for it.

And, as we’ve known from the 2020 We Got Comms unanimous Game of the Year, why wouldn’t you want the PS5 version? It’s the only way you’ll get the new Yuffie episode — which is fair to assume might be a 10 to 20 hour experience — and Square Enix will get a nice chunk of change from charging for it.

FF7R being free for only the PlayStation 4 edition gives newcomers the full game with hopes that they enjoy it enough to want to upgrade to the PS5 edition for a fee. Quite the shrewd move from Square Enix.

You can hear Dalan, Luis, and I talk more about the PS5 release Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on this week’s Salient Points podcast that goes up later today.

Published by Carlos Macias

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