Beware: Cyberpunk 2077’s Regina Game-Breaking Gigs Might Dash Your Platinum Trophy Hopes

The many glitches in Cyberpunk 2077 have been well-documented in the weeks the game has been out at this point. Even so, I’ve been having a decent time with the open-world RPG shooter. So much so, in fact, that I decided to reach for the stars and attempt to get the platinum trophy for it.

The critical mission path of the campaign took me half the time I expected — 15 hours for the “worst” ending — and then I went back to get the other endings. Then decided to find all the fast travel datapoints. Then all the cyberpsycho sightings. Then the abilities-based trophies. And so on.

Until I hit Ms. Game-Breaker herself: the Watson fixer Regina Jones. She’s one of the NPCs in the game that offers you “gigs,” or smaller side missions that give you nice glimpses into CD Projekt Red’s attempts at world-building.

Gigs are missions you happen upon while traversing Night City. You get a call from a “fixer” who sets you up with a mission near to your current location. The fixers in others parts of the world worked without a hitch, but for some reason Regina’s gigs are particularly borked.

You’re supposed to get a call, answer it, get to the gig’s location, complete it, get a follow-up call “closing the gig” and continue on about your business. In that time, the gig is supposed to go from “active” to “completed.”

Given my nature to critical path a game and plow through, I kept on going with my mission to finish all the requirements for the “It’s Elementary” trophy without realizing that the gigs were still in the active journal slot without a way to resolve it.

I did what anyone else with a mission to platinum a game would do and…just ignored it. I went ahead with finishing up other trophy requirements and hoped it would magically resolve itself once I did everything else.


It took me a while — and searching for the right save — to realize that you need to reload a file before Regina decides to mix up all the calls related to her gigs. The way you know that it’s all screwed up is that she’ll try to initiate gigs that you already completed or when you’re at a new gig she’ll tell you that she’s closing a previous one when you already got a call for that.

Went back in time 30 hours to find a not-broken Regina save

The uber-annoying culprit for me? The gig: “Troublesome Neighbors.” Took me many an attempt — and digging through some early save files — to do it first and make sure it moved successfully to the “completed” tab before doing anything else for Regina.

Well…I’m now tepidly trudging along since the “It’s Elementary” silver is the final trophy eluding me at the moment. I’m keeping multiple, multiple dedicated Regina saves in the hopes that I may finally grab the platinum 70+ hours in the making. Maybe I can get it done before 2022 comes around.

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